New 28 Bush Oil goes on sale promising

New 28 Bush Oil goes on sale promising to boost women's hair 'down there' as more people choose to ditch painful waxing

Women are ditching Hollywood and Brazilian swimsuit waxing in favor of going au natural, if a new product is anything to go by.

An organic beauty company has released the UK's very first oil created for women boasting a full bush, costing 28 for a 15ml pot.

Natural Spa Factory has launched Bush Oil, a natural product loaded with essential oils that condition the pubic hair, making it smoother, shinier and healthier.

Established in reaction to growing demands for a female-friendly variation of the well-known beard oil, the product follows a trend for more natural hair development.

Recently, the trend has been motivated as stars including Gwyneyth Paltrow (who has actually confessed 'rocking a 70s ambiance down there') and Lady Gaga (who requested a mannequin with complete pubic hair on trip) have just recently admitted to preferring a more hirsute appearance down below.

It's not unexpected that after decades of painful hair removal, women are deciding to be kind to the intimate area and that's precisely what the oil intends to do.

Selling at 28 Natural Spa Factory's Bush Oil includes a mixture of fats and opulent oils to nourish the hair from root to tip.

Sunflower seed and apricot kernel oils are integrated with rosehip oils, which are abundant in vitamins A, C and E.

The addition of Frankincense oil, with its powerful antiseptic properties, safeguards any in growing hairs from impurities and infection. To relieve irritated and delicate skin, there is the addition of primrose oil which includes natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Emma Webber, co-founder of Natural Spa Factory, states that going with a complete bush does not suggest that care shouldn't be taken.

She stated: 'We're big believers of the natural technique, but natural does not have to imply un-groomed.

'Men have beard oil to condition their facial hair, now it's time to present a product fit for being kind to your womanly qualities.'.

It's not just its developers that are boasting the advantages of the oil, in the product examines on the company's site customers claim it has actually done wonders for their pubic hair.

Karina writes: 'What a fantastic method to, erm, personal care. It smells divine, and feels AMAZING.
'I'm thankful that there's finally something that implies that just because there's hair, does not mean I do not care!'.

Billy adds: 'I've used this twice on 'special events' & caring that the natural look is back in. Will be purchasing more soon.'.